While perusing one of my morning blogs, a reputible one I might add, I came across a post that read Michael Jackson’s not dead. There was an MJ sighting just yesterday behind the Denny’s restaurant in San Luis Abespo.

There’s still articles in the Times about MJ, so it’s no big suprise to read he’d made up his own death to glean a little PR before the big Pepsi tour. It is Pepsi, right?

The bigger story was Perez Hilton getting slugged by some gansta vauto. Perez says the rapper bitch slapped him. The YT vid shows it pretty clearly. Way cool.

Since I was already camped out on YT I decided to check the vid showing AtoK draping the banner over the CNN sign in ATL. I know, old news, but it is funny what celebs will do to whore themselves on the net. Twitter was flooded for a day.

I go camp out on Facebook after my daily consumption of news and weather. It’s easy to burn a couple of hours just catching up on the gossip and new posts people have spent hours on.

I’ve never been able to master the MySpace photo shot. Spent hours holding the camera like the chicks at the mall do, but they never come out looking like someone else took them.

At this point my coffee cup is long drained, and my eyes are starting to itch. That’s covering a lot of stuff in a short time. Maybe a cigarette break is in order, I tell myself. I deserve it after all that work.