I can’t believe after all these years the Open Office word processor
doesn’t have a built-in mechanism for importing ASCII word files for
spell checking. Notice I didn’t even use the word “easy”, as many of
these open source applications assume you are a project developer,
familiar with it’s internal configuration and workings.

I started using this application years ago when it went by the name
StarOffice. Sun bought the product and re-branded it Open Office
(openoffice.org, or OO.o). Back then you could import your own word
file (“dictionary”).

Having just bought a netbook that came bundled with MS Works (yes,
Dorthy, we’re still in Kansas it seems) and a 60 day trial of MS
Office, I decided to install Open Office.

Even MS Word allows you to import word lists. Is it any wonder Open
Office hasn’t gained more market-share? Dudes. If I can’t (easily)
customize the spellcheck list short of manually entering each word
what else does this word processor not do?

P.S.: And I don’t want to hear about how “easy” it is to write macros,
et. al. to import ascii text. That’s not an answer. Users don’t write
macros just so we can enter and spellcheck emails.