My Opinions –

One the war in Afghanistan –

The United States sent troops to Afghanistan to
overthrow al-Qaida and kill Osama Bin Laden. al-
Qaida’s hideouts are now in Pakistan, not Afghanistan.
Ditto for Bin Laden.

Afghanistan does not want foreign occupation. Nor do
they wish to move into the modern Western world. The
only reason we need to be interested in this country is
humanitarian – the Taliban.

The presence of the Taliban is not a high priority
security issue for the United States. The Taliban do not
threaten world security by imposing a repressive
government in Afghanistan. The United States does not
send troops, especially Reserve troops, to foreign
countries to kill repressive regimes.

al-Qaida is in Pakistan. Pakistan has refused to kill
their leaders and close their camps.

Pakistan has nuclear weapons and is a serious threat to
global peace.

Pakistan is an enemy to India and promotes violence
between the two countries. India is one of the United
States’ major economic partners.

Why is the United States wrapped up in Afghanistan? Why aren’t we addressing our problems directly? Why don’t we instead focus on Pakistan?


Poppy growers don’t scare me. Crazy religious zealots
with nuclear weapons in an unstable country do.